What could be more fun
than a tea party?
“A polka dot tea party of course,” says Jackie Rabbit, as she delivers party invitations to her friends.

Put your polka dots on, make up some polka dot jokes, and warm up your dance moves with your favorite dance music.

Then join Jackie and her friends as they discover shapes in nature, sip tea, munch on cookies, sing, dance, tell jokes and laugh at the best polka dot tea party ever.
Released: March 14, 2024
Pages: 40
Softcover ISBN: 979-8-9885893-2-7
Hardcover ISBN: 979-8-9885893-3-4
Library of Congress Control Number: 2024900252
Age Range: 2-7
Author/Illustrator: Vicki Riske
Editor: Elisabeth Rinaldi
Inky Paw Editing, Inc.

“Polka dots are everywhere!” Says Jackie Rabbit
This easy-to-read book about friendship and discovery contains full-color illustrations featuring fun representations of the Sonoran Desert and its inhabitants. Each of the characters is engaged with Jackie in the discovery of polka dots in nature throughout the dialogue.

The entertaining story is easy for the advanced Kindergartner to read with a storyline that can keep children 3 to 6 interested.

The Polka Dot Tea Party is a large 11" x 8 1/2" size, making it easy to read by yourself or with a friend. Order yours today! -
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Author and Illustrator
Vicki Riske
Just like Jackie Rabbit, the main character of this book, Vicki Riske has lived in the Arizona desert for many years.

After a career as a learning designer, she now spends time writing children’s stories, and designing and making puppets. She loves hiking in the desert around Phoenix, looking high and low for polka dots and wildlife.

Vicki is passionate about preserving the giant polka dot we all live on for future generations.
Fun Activity Ideas
Polka Dots are everywhere.

Our free download has 10 ideas to aid the reader in recognizing shapes in the home, on the playground, and out in the world.

Activity #1 - Make up a song about polka dots. You or an adult can write down the words to your song.

Activity #3 - Did you see the owl in the story? Draw a picture of the owl. Did you notice the polka dots on the owl? Hint: What does the owl use to see?

Activity #6 - Walk around your house and find 4 polka dot objects and draw them here.

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